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RAID 5 question??

Ryan C Davis
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RAID 5 question??

We have a DL380 G2 with a RAID5 setup on 6 drives. When we noticed the machine having issues according to the array manager in the bios (5I not 5SI)we saw that there was two drives (1 was failed 1 was REPLACEMENT). We went to swap out the drives and it would not rebuild itself and kept going into an "Interum Recovery" and we also saw there was no hot spares. I guess the first question is can you add hot spares to a RAID 5 set after you've already created the container on HP equipment? We let the other drive cool down for a while and it came back up only then did we see it trying to rebuild itself. We tried using the Smart Start but no help there. I know with 2 drives going bad it's not good news for a RAID5 but one of the drives can be kept into a good status long enough to rebuild the array. When we put the new drive in, nothing the drive just shows up as missing or replacement??? Everytime we shuffled the drives around we got something different, kind of lost with not being able to add hot spares after the container has been built, sorry for the novel but does anyone have any suggestions??????????




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Re: RAID 5 question??

Yes it is kind of a ramble and not very clear. If I understand correctly you removed 2 drives at one time? you can't do that.
You were interrupting the rebuilds each time you kept swapping drives?
You sure there wasn't a hot spare and when you removed 2 drives the controller brought the spare online and started a rebuild?
If it was me, I would get a backup, remove all the drives, replace with new and restore. If you know one has failed and you think a second is failing, then the rest can not be far behind.
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Ryan C Davis
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Re: RAID 5 question??

No, that's ok. Come to find out we chilled one of the drives to come online and then we added the hot spare (customer never set them up when building the container)after upgrading the firmware. All is good now.

What i was saying earlier was that they had lost two drives and we were just trying to get one back online to rebuild it.

Thanks though!