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RAID 5 rebuild problem

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RAID 5 rebuild problem

Hello all,
Can anybody help me, how can I recover a RAID 5  working at moment with 2 disks one of disks with read hard errors other good, RAID try´s to rebuild third disk without success, every time at startup it request press F1 to start automatic rebuild.
I know that disk1 "have read hard errors" reported by Smart Start CD 8.25.
I update firmware controller but no result. 
System is ML350 G3 with 641 controller.
Thanks for help

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Re: RAID 5 rebuild problem

A RAID 5 set can handle the failure of one disk only. You have a three-disk RAID 5 set with one disk completely dead and another about to die. When the second disk dies, so will your RAID 5 set.


A RAID 5 set of N disks that has lost one disk needs to reconstruct 1/N of the data stored in it by using the checksums that are stored on the remaining disks. If some parts of the remaining disks are unreadable, then the data in those spots is already lost.


If the data on the RAID set is worth more than about $xxxx, STOP and contact some data recovery professionals. Trying things on your own may make their job more difficult or impossible, as the damage on the second disk may become worse over time as the disk is spinning.


If your data is not that valuable or is easy enough to replace/reconstruct, read on...


If you don't already have a good backup, take one ASAP. (This is not "recovering" the RAID set, this is salvaging whatever data you can from the dying set.) You may get error messages while taking the backup - save them. You will need them to know what you need to reconstruct or recover from older backups. Don't overwrite any older backups - you will probably need them to recover some missing or corrupted files.


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Re: RAID 5 rebuild problem

Thanks for your confirmation, I have seen few talks about ghosting disk, so there is no way to export information from disk with read errors to other good disk and trick the the array, my goal was duplicate bad disk to a good one and change it at cold, next reboot array will be tricked by a good disk and rebuild 100% RAID?
My problem is tool I use, really do not know if exist ?

P.S.- I try backup to tape, but disk with errors , produce I/O delay and backup aborted :-( with file inconsistent
Regards and thanks for the help