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RAID 5 rebuild

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RAID 5 rebuild



Recently on my ProLiant DL380 G7, 2 HDDs failed. I got the replacement HDD and would like to know how can I rebuild RAID 5 after hotplugging these 2 HDDs. Is there any data loss involved? OR is there a server downtime required to carry out this activity?


Thank you for your help.




Re: RAID 5 rebuild




RAID 5 has only one hard drive failure tolerance. If the number of failed drives increase, then the array is compromised. For RAID rebuild, where the failure happens within the failure tolerance threshold, there is no downtime required.


With a valid backup, you may try this:


replace one hard drive at a time to check if the re-build completes. If so, then install the second drive.


if the rebuild is not successfull, then it means that the array is lost, install the replacement drives, re-create the array, OS and import data from backup.





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