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So crap! I wanted to remove a drive from my array, I couldnt figure it out in the ACU, so my friend said to "fail" it. I removed it when it was off, and booted it without the drive... I got
no OS, damn. So I power it down/ replace the drive/ "previously failed"/ then it automaticly goes black with just the underscore blinking in the top left corner. I dont know if its saying it can find an OS? or if it is rebuilding? I dont see any drive activity. I read that it could take up to 15-20 per gig! its been about 20mins so I'll be around. any advice?

Compaq Proliant 5500
Smart Array 3200
Prashant (I am Back)
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Re: RAID 5


Under Raid 5
we have removed the fail disk Y/N ?
if yes then still system will boot.
If not then boot though smart start and got to maintance then check for acu. What it shows.

Prashant S.
Nothing is impossible
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Re: RAID 5

I failed the disk myself by telling it to fail
when it booted up without the drive in the array.
This was some advice from a friend to remove one physical disk from a logical disk.
"shut it down, pull the drive, and fail the disk to remove it from the logical drive".
Well after I re-inserted the drive and booted back up, it run through the bios so fast and just leaves the cursor blink in the top left corner. I think it could be rebuilding but I dont know, its been running for about 3 hours now. I'm concerned it might not find the os so this wait time to wasted!

Seth Parker
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Re: RAID 5


How did you "fail" the drive? Just by booting without it, or did you actually do something to the drive?

Try removing all power from the server (pull the power cords) and letting it sit for at least a minute. Put all the drives back in place, plug the cords back in and then boot the machine. Watch for the 3200 config message and go into the array config and look at the state of the array.

You should've gotten a message about the state of the array when you booted it the first time without the disk. Maybe it wasn't really powered-off?

Good luck!