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RAID B110i DL120 G7

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RAID B110i DL120 G7

Hi, there was a malfunction in the RAID operation on the B110i controller. RAID 1 + 0 has been activated. After the next start of the server after the preventive maintenance of the rack, the DL120G7 server of the Linux RedHat 6.5 OS, the server did not start. Swears at the lack of LVM partitions on HDD. Standard methods of loading in RedHat emergency mode do not help, the disks in the array are in the OK state. Launched the R-Studio information recovery program. For the correct recovery procedure, the RAID parameters are required, namely the block size, offset and order of disks in the array. There is no such information in the BIOS RAID controller B110i. Please provide these parameters. 


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Follow the below documents.


Title: HP Smart Array B110i SATA RAID Controller - Configure and Manage RAID in ORCA and ACU


Figure 1: ORCA Menu

Select View logical drive.


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