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RAID Implementation

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RAID Implementation


I have an ML310 G4 setup as an exchange server. It was put into production before I started working for my organization. Whoever deployed it didn't configure the server using RAID1, even though there are two of the same SAS drives in the system. Drive 0 contains OS and exchange store, drive 1 is empty.

My question is, can I reboot the server and enable RAID in the controller bios (HP 8 Internal Port SAS HBA with RAID), effectively copying drive 0 contents to drive 1, *without losing the volume and still having server 2003 see the partition and boot no problem*?

I'll definitely image the machine first just incase, but I want some input. It really sketches me out working on a live server!!

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Re: RAID Implementation

hi Chris,

I believe this can be done, but you should get a full backup of the server and take a downtime for this work.

Boot from the latest SmartStart CD and use it to run the array configuration utility. You can find details on ACU here:

In your case it sounds like you need to first expand your array (page 24), then migrate your logical drive (page 25).

good luck, points are appreciated if the answers help!
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Re: RAID Implementation

First verify that the server is using the "8 internal port SAS HBA" for the disks and does not use an SA controller such as the e200 or other.

The "8 Internal Port SAS HBA with RAID" does not have online array expansion or migration options, so it looks like you can not convert to raid1 by copying one disk to another. There is no mention of any offline array operations either in the quickspecs

It looks like you have to save your partition(s) contents, destroy the existing raid0 array, create a raid1 array, recreate the disk(s) and partitions and restore the contents.
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Re: RAID Implementation

Thanks guys for the help. Unfortunate to hear I will have to blow away the partition. Hopefully Ghost 15.0 can see the array when I go to restore. :(