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RAID Questions about ML110 G6 and ML350 G6

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RAID Questions about ML110 G6 and ML350 G6

Hi All,

We're looking at new two servers, one an ML110 G6 and the other a ML350 G6. The ML110 has the B110i Embedded Smart Array and the ML350 has the Smart Array P410i/256MB controller.

The documentation from HP is pretty convoluted, and I haven't seen this particular question asked before in the forums.

For each server, are the following configurations possible:

1. Two independent RAID 1 arrays. Total of 4 disks, with 2 volumes.

2. Two independent arrays, one is a single disk RAID 0/JBOD (for OS) and the other is a two-disk RAID 1 setup (for data). Total of 3 disks, with 2 volumes.

3. Three arrays, the first two disks are independent, single-disk RAID0/JBOD (one is OS and the other is a spare), and the next two disks are a RAID1 mirror (for data). Total of 4 disks, with 3 volumes.

Will any or all of these configurations work with the controllers in these servers?

Thank in advance for your help!

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Re: RAID Questions about ML110 G6 and ML350 G6

At least for the ML350/P410, you can do that.
Anf if you use the ACU (Array Configuration Utility), you can even have multible Logical drives, on an array, and the logical drives can be of different RAID levels.

I will recommend you read the Smart Array technology brief.

I don't got much experience with the B110.
But I do expect you can do the basic stuff.

And if you want just one disk in an array (JBOD). You create a RAID 0, on just one disk.