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RAID and License Key

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RAID and License Key

Hi! Our company has bought servers ProLiant DL 160 G6.

For install our company software on this servers I enable in BIOS RAID.

One menu poin is "Manage License Key".

What is License Key?

What he has to RAID?


Give me internet-links about this

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Re: RAID and License Key



For configuring advanced RAID options the license key is required. However for normal RAID setup like RAID 1+0 or RAID 5, advance license is not required.


You may refer the below link for installing a license key with ORCA.




Installing a license key with Array Configuration Utility (ACU).


If the controller supports SAAP, one can use ACU to install the licensee key and activate SAAP functionality.


NOTE:  A minimum of 256MB cache and battery kit, or FBWC, is required to enable the SAAP license key. SAAP is not available on Zero Memory Configurations.

To install a License Key in ACU:

    1. Open ACU and click the Configuration tab.
    2. Select a controller from the Controller/Device menu.
    3. In the Available Tasks panel, click Manage License Keys.
    4. Click Add License Key.
    5. Enter License Keynumber.
    6.  Click Save


When activated with a registered license key, SAAP provides the following features.

  • RAID 6 (ADG).
  • RAID 60.
  • Advanced Capacity Expansion.
  • Mirror splitting and recombining in offline mode.
  • Drive Erase.
  • Performance optimization for video on demand.


To configure the above features, please refer to the Controller and/or Array Configuration Utility user guide. These features are dependent on the Smart Array Controller model, firmware and number of hard drives installed.





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Re: RAID and License Key

Software licenses make me nervous.   May I please jump in with a few questions?


Lets say I buy the licence, install the Raid-6 and the system is up.


Two years later the controller fails.  What happens to the license?  What is the procedure?


The server fails.  The motherboard fails and it has to be replaced.  Was the licence keyed to the Server S/N?


These are all problems other people have faced so there must be simple answers ... I just can't find them


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Re: RAID and License Key

If you have to replace the controller (in the case of stand-up card) or the system board, you simply re-enter the license key

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Re: RAID and License Key

I have server HP ProLiant DL160 G6 and getting same issues of RAID license key .

I have run the ACU  and unable to see any option available to manage license?

I have gone thrugh

Could you please adive  how to reslose this issues . will be apperciate.



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Re: RAID and License Key


I have an HP ProLiant DL360 G7 server with a Smart Array P410i, I get an error when executing the command:

ctrl slot=0 pd 1I:1:1 modify erase

Reason: Feature requires license key

My question is, where do I buy this license? I can not find where to buy it or buy it.