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RAID array definition lost

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RAID array definition lost

I have a dl380 g6 server with a Smart Array 410i controller that suddenly won't boot. 

Using the Inspect Utility, when I go to Array Configuration Info it says "Array information not available."  So somehow the RAID array configuration was lost.  I have 2 SAS hard drives that should be mirrored using 1+0.  Both drives start up fine with green lights.

Is there a way to recreate the array configuration information that will maintain the drive data?  I really don't want to have to reinstall the OS.,

Thanks for your help.

Jimmy Vance

Re: RAID array definition lost

The array information is actually stored on the drives themselves and retrieved by the controller during POST.  You might try running the array diagnostics utility

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Re: RAID array definition lost

Turns out that I was missing the p410i controller failure message because the option ROM messages were not being displayed.

1783-Slot 0 Drive Array Controller Failure Command Failure cmd=0h, err=00h, dlu=013:5h

The failure appears to be related to:

So the controller starts up fine without the drives or with only one of them installed.  I am hesitant to fail the other drive with the hope that the server starts with only one drive.

The article above suggests upgrading the firmware on the controller may fix the problem, but since the server wont boot, I can only do that with an offlline Proliant Service Pack.  And since the server is out of warrenty, I don't have a reasonable way to get the Service Pack from HP.

Anyone willing to share their copy of HP SPP version 2014.09?


Re: RAID array definition lost

So, no luck with getting the HP Proliant Service Pack. 

I ended up pulling the current drives and put in an old SATA drive, created a volume and set it as the default boot drive and then installed a new copy of Server 2008 R2.  Once I upgraded to Service Pack 1, I ran the online firmware driver ver 6.64:

* RECOMMENDED * Online ROM Flash Component for Windows (x64) - Smart Array P212, P410, P410i, P411, P711m, P712m, and P812 (American, International)

Once the server restarted I shut it down, replaced the old drives reset them to the default boot drive and it started right up.

I think it is ridiculous how HP requires a Support Agreement for older hardware.