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RAID issue


RAID issue


I remove one hard disk from RAID 1 (BAY 2) array and install in to another server (BAY 1) and boot up. Server boots up. Server boots up and all the services started. Then I remove other hard disk from old server (BAY 1) and plug it to new server (BAY 2). But this new hard disk is not adding to the array. On ACU it showing error on a first hard disk and adding second hard disk as unassigned disk. How can I fix this error?



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Re: RAID issue



Need more info


Server Model number, Controller, cache on both the servers?


What is the status of Logical drive in Server 2 (New) with one hard drive? if there isn't any Raid then OS has taken it as an independant disk.


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Re: RAID issue

The problem is that you change bay no, and possible also the channel no. when you move 1 drive to another server.


The Smart Array do support drive roaming, meaing you can move drives around, to other posistions.

However, when the Array is in a degraded state, it expect you to insert a replacement drive, in the specific posistion!


The channnel number / Box number and the Bay number must match, for the missing drive, when you insert it.