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RAID migration from 1+0 to 6

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Steve Rappaport
Occasional Contributor

RAID migration from 1+0 to 6

I have a DL380p Gen8, which uses a P420i controller.
Currently, all 12 drive bays are filled with 4TB drives.
I have a single array using all drives and it has 2 logical volumes (RAID 1+0).  The first is 300GB for OS.  The second is the remaining space (~23TB).
My question is, can I do an online RAID migration of one or both logical volumes to RAID 6?

Steve Rappaport
Occasional Contributor

Re: RAID migration from 1+0 to 6

For anyone finding this thread in the future, I found out the answer on my own.

HP SSA allowed me to convert my second logical disk from RAID10 to RAID6 without a hitch.  I expected warnings or at least a summary of available/used space, but it was really just a single screen consisting of which RAID to migrate to and clicking OK and it started.  It took just under 1 full week for the transformation to complete.  Once I did that, I was able to expand the logical disk to acquire the newly freed up space.  I then went into Windows (2008 R2), opened Disk Management and extended the volume.  Here is the only part in which I ran into an issue.  I tried to extend the volume using all of the freed space, but I got an error stating that I could not do so because of the disk's cluster size.  It turns out that I can only extend the volume up to 32TB because of the cluster size used when the drive was originally formatted.  This means I cannot assimilate about 4 of the TB into this volume unless I reformat it and choose a larger cluster size.  In my case, I was happy to acquire any of the space, so this whole conversion worked out for me anyway.

Hope this helps someone in the future.