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RAID -- name a virtue drive

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RAID -- name a virtue drive

Suppose there are two physical disks. Disk One is parsed into two logic drives, C: and D:. Now I want to do the same for Disk Two, so that it will do the RAID 0 for C: drive while the RAID 1 for D: drive.

For clarity and intuition, the Disk Two could be parsed into and names as C2: and D2: logic drives.

But I rarely see such a name as Cx or Dx for a drive. On the other hand, if name them as E: and F: drives, respectively, it will be very "traditional", but hard to remember and identify, which drive is mirroring for which.

Any suggestion for naming a drive, logic or phycial.

Thanks to help.

Bruno Mesquita_1
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Re: RAID -- name a virtue drive

Scott, RAID 0 has no fault tolerance and RAID 1 is call the Mirror. With RAID 1 the first disk is mirrored for the second and work as one single drive disk. Better if you do it with hardware Array Controller.
So first create an RAID configuration with ORCA or ACU from Smart Start. After create the RAID config make the logical drives that you want to.
For the operating system it will see as many disks as the logical drives you created.