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RAID problems.

Lars Henrik Fritz
Occasional Visitor

RAID problems.

I have a ML350 G3.
Raid Controller 532 with 2x18,2 GB 15K Ultra3 Wide Scsi in a RAID1 configuration Array A with OS Windows 2000
Array B was one 72,4 GB of 15K Ultra3 Wide Scsi in a RAID0 configuration.

A couple of days before christmas the second disk in the Raid1 crashed and I ordered a spare drive. It didn't show up until after newyear.

At newyearsday morning the Powersupply gave up. The server was dead. I had backups online so I was up running again on another server, the same day. But now I want to get the data from the raid0 disk back again..

I've done a new configuration (fresh OS) and got that up running again on the 18,2 GB disks. When I Add the 72,4 GB disk back in to the hotplug and add it as a logical drive in Array Configuration Utility then Windows want me to format the drive...and that I don't want. I just want my files back.

Any ideas?
/Lars henrik
Honored Contributor

Re: RAID problems.

Just escape out at that point. The format is not required.
Hot Swap Hard Drives