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RAID setting and Windows setup

Vivek Desai
Occasional Advisor

RAID setting and Windows setup


We currently have 3 drives on RAID 5. Planning to purchase 3 new (bigger) drives and put it on a different array and make it a RAID 5. Move the data from the original RAID 5 to the new one. Then take 2 of the original drives and make a it in to a RAID 1. My question is how can I do this with the least amount of work. Since the original RAID 5 has Windows systems files and also I dont want to erase off the data from the old RAID until I am sure the new RAID has the Windows installed and the application data is working correctly.

I was thinking make a new array ..and make a new RAID 5 with the new drives. Install Windows on the new RAID 5. I am assuming then Windows will ask me which Windows would I like to boot from (Can anyone confirm this?). We are using Windows 2003. Once that happens I just recover all our data from the backup tape. Erase the old Logical drive. Remove 1 physical drive from the old RAID setting. Then we will have 2 drives and I will just make a new array and a new RAID 1 drive out of that.

The other option is just to wipe out array right from the beginning. Remove the 3 original drives. Plug in the 3 new drives.Make it a RAID 5. Install Windows and recover data from backup. Then just take the 2 drives from the old drives and make it a RAID 1.

If you could please let me know your thoughts that would be great.



Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: RAID setting and Windows setup

from discussions I have seen here so far you might end up with swapped logical disks and cannot boot.

I would take a full backup, wipe out the whole system and then create the RAID-5 and the RAID-1. Finally do the restore.

Good luck! Let us know how it worked.
Honored Contributor

Re: RAID setting and Windows setup

Since the array is a boot drive, and you wish to keep it in tack, I would suggest the backup and restore option to keep the boot record and would be the least amopunt of work.
Your option of installing windows again on a new array, would also work. If you have a new array in place and you start the install, you will be prompted as to where to install the OS, the blank disk? Upgrade the existing? Recovery of exist? etc. You think the would work , but definately more work.
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