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RAID with SAS and SATA on a ML 350

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RAID with SAS and SATA on a ML 350


on the ML 350 TG5 (417536-421) is it possible to have two distinct arrays, one made of SAS disks (431935-B21 or 375861-B21) and one made of SATA disks.

Particulary, I'd like to use this server for two purposes: the first is file server, and for this I'd put files on the SAS array, and one as a place where to run VmWare images and create ISO images of our software releases, and these images should stay on SATA disks.

Is it possible and advisable, since SATA array would be only a temporary workplace and not a storage place?

Another question: which is the difference between 10 and 15 krpm SAS disks? How faster than 10 krpm are 15 krpm?

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Re: RAID with SAS and SATA on a ML 350

Yes, the two can be mixed in this way exactly.
The drive rotational speed effects the speed of the drive internal operation, that is once data is received by the drive or a request for data from the drive, the drive accesses the data 50% faster on the 15,000 RPM drive
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