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Hi Experts.

Actually, my company have a HP ProLiant ML350 G5 Server running a RAID 1+0/RAID 5 configuration using the HP Smart Array P400 Controler with BateryPack module and this is the firs time that I'm managing a server with a RAID controller configured, so, I have some questions about how to proceed on a disk failure, by example.

So, I have tested the RAID configuration hot-removing a hard disk when the system is running. The system continued running as expercted and, when I reinserted the disk, the controler automatically start the rebuild process on the hard disk that was removed.

1) But now, suppose that the hard disk crashed and I need to substitute the hard disk by a new one, never used before. Is there any aditional process that shoud be done or just inserting it on the bay where the crashed disk was will start the rebuild process?

2) Now, suppose that the disk that I will insert on the bay was already used before, so, it's not formated and maybe contain information about another RAID configuration. If i insert the disk the bay, the system will start the rebuild erasing all information that was on the disk, or I'll need to do another processes?

3) Somebody said me that removing the disk while the system is running can cause problems, like data corruption. Is that true???

Thanks a lot for your help!
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1) No, you don't need to do a thing. just se to it that the harddrive is of equal size or bigger.

2)If your system is running with one disk that contains the system and you insert a disk that was used before it will write over that information.

3)Sure there are always that possibility but very rare. more chance of data corruption when the other disk is failed or PFE error...