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RAID5 Recovery does not start

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RAID5 Recovery does not start

Hi all,

I've replaced a failed disk on my RAID5 logical drive. (DL380 G2)
Now the disk seems to be OK, but the recovery doesn't start.

I see also: "Rebuild Aborted From Read Error" from the ADU report. What does it mean exactly ?? Do the read error come from another disk ??

I attach the report file, if anybody can help me would be very appreciated.

Thank you so much,
kris rombauts
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Re: RAID5 Recovery does not start

Hi Luca,

this means that during the attempt to rebuild the data from the remaining three good disks/stripes for logical drive 2 the controller encountered a unrecoverable read error from one of the 'good' disk drives in logical drive 2. This means it is unable to reconstruct the raid5 data for logical drive 2.
Since the rebuild process is purely based on the whole disk low level formatted structure(and not on the real user data), the best you can do is perform a backup of your data and re-initialize the four disk RAID5 array.
Even if you detect which other drive is having this read error, you will never be able to reconstruct (rebuild) the logical drive 2 data because it is already in a degraded state now and a RAID5 can only miss one disk, not two.

Since it is logical drive2 in this case, maybe this is 'just' a data disk and not the OS boot disk, so you might be lucky and only have to delete/recreate the logical drive 2 with the ACU utility and restore data without having to reinstall the Operating System which likely resides on the raid1 mirror pair which holds your logical drive 1.


Servizi Info
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Re: RAID5 Recovery does not start

Hi Kris,

thank you for your reply.
At the end this is what I did! Re-creating the RAID5 worked fine and I don't see errors anymore.

Thank you and have a nice day,