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RAID5 downsizing

Caster Troy
Regular Advisor

RAID5 downsizing

I am using DL580G2 server with 4 disks configured on RAID5, now i want to remove 2 disks. will i require to re-install the operating system and redo the RAID or can i continue without it.
Evil Has Its Winning Ways
Honored Contributor

Re: RAID5 downsizing

Hi Javed,

You most likely wont like this respone, but the reality is the minimum number of drives required for a raid 5 set is 3 - a raid 5 set with 2 drives is not achievable. I can not think of any option to prevent a fresh reinstall of OS in the path you intend to take. Can I ask you, whats the intention for taking out the drives?

In the worst instance, you could look at creating an image of your OS, by using any one of the myriad of OS image creation software - ghost, poqerquest, etc. - then wiping out your raid 5 array - removing two disks and then creating raid 1 with your two drives (mirror them) - and then restoring from the OS image you took earlier - this is the approach that is safe.

Hope, this helps and if the answer is of any help to you, consider assigning points to the response:)