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RAID5 => image => MIRROR


RAID5 => image => MIRROR

My problem is the following:
Server: ML350, 3 discs 18GB - Raid5

problem: we want to expand, we have 2 new discs, each 72GB

Client wants the following:
Get image of the logical 36GB, make mirror of the 72GB, recover image on the 72GB. Then make other mirror with 2x36GB.

How do I make this happen?????
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Re: RAID5 => image => MIRROR

You have not said it this is a hardware RAID but I will assume it is.

One of the server imaging products (such as Ghost) should cope withh this. I would backup the system, image it, replace the existing disks (putting to old ones to one side for safety), create a 72GB mirror and blow the image back on. The software should allow you to expand the partition as you go.

The issue comes with how the operating system sees the new (different size) logical drive. You have not said what the OS is so this need further attention before you start.

Once this is all done you can then add two of your 36GB drives back in to create a mirror (and possible use the third as an on-line spare).

All that said, the safest way is a rebuild and restore, so make sure you have good backups before you start just in case.

Re: RAID5 => image => MIRROR

It IS a hardware raid, smart array 5i.

Anyways, you put it quite simple, too simple in my eyes. The part you just wrote out I understood and knew already.

BUT the issue is this:
When you put the 2x 72GB in mirror, the discs are empty. How will you put your ghost image back on those discs. Remember the server will boot, but ghost will not recognize the discs because they require the smart array driver?

How will you handle this? (my biggest issue...)

Thanks !
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Re: RAID5 => image => MIRROR

Well he sort of addressed it, really you are unfamilar with Ghost then, not the Array process. You will need to have a DOS driver for the 5i loaded on the Ghost disk, this is true, otherwise there will be no logical drives available. But it is also true that some Proliant owners get this to work and others do not (your situation that the logical drives are unavailable). There is a driver smrtscsi.sys or cpqarray2.sys that has been known to work, but also know to not work on SA5 series.
First, HP "does not support Ghosting or Imaging of HDDs." What they do support is "backing up your data, recreate your array with new HDDs and then restore from the backup." And Symantec warns that ghost does not support raid disks (do to possible target problems).
Second, since Ghost makes a direct Image copy or create a Ghost file, it must be able to have direct control of the hardware, hence the PCDOS boot and no windows. So if you can not make a successful boot disk, it can not be used. That is a boot disk that will produce a PCDOS environment with the components available you will need,a source disk and a target disk.
Third is the relationship of Windows to the logical drives, and how that effects the restored image. The logical drive location identification of the source and target must be the same for the image to boot, and the drive letter ids of Windows may be disrupted on the targets reboot.
I have attached a compressed file of a boot disk thay may help, from the IT Resource archives.
But if you can not make a successful boot disk, backup and restore is your only option.
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