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RAID5 help

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RAID5 help


I am completely new to servers and have been given the task of trying to recover a server from a disc failure.

when i boot the server up (HP ML series) I get a warning in red flashing writing that i have a disc failure.

I went into the BIOS by pressing F8 and it told me that I had 1 disc failure and the others were degraded.
If i press Enter on the failed disc is gives me the options of delete, rebuild and clear MBR.

Can someone please help me from here as I have no idea what im doing.

Kind Regards,

Jan Soska
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Re: RAID5 help

could be better to contact your IT or HP support, especially if your server (which is?) is in warranty.

generally it looks you have one failed drive in your Raid5 array and you should replace failed drive (blinking red?) asap. Get new drive same or bigger size (and speed) and replace drive with new one. Recovery start automatically and you do not need touch it.

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Re: RAID5 help

What controller type are you using?
What kind of harddisk are you using?
Are you still able to boot into the O.S.?

If you are using hot pluggable harddisks on a smart array controller and only one harddisk has failed then it can be as simple as replacing the failed harddisk.
After replacing hd the rebuild will start automatically. This is idicated by the flashing light on the new hd. When the flashing stops the rebuild is finished.
The rebuild process can take a long time.
Proliant Watch
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Re: RAID5 help

Also depends on the raid that you have configured... if raid 5 is configured, you can remove the hard disk and install a new one and the raid will rebuild. If raid 0 is configured, it will cause data lose...

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Re: RAID5 help

Hi all,

Thankyou for your replies its really apreciated, no resolution to this one as I have managed to hand over to someone in the know!

Thanks again,

Michal Kapalka (mikap)
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Re: RAID5 help


if your HW raid is configgured with RAID 5, and only one disk fail, it will be ok, you just will see a message that one disk is failed.

more at :