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RAM Problem HP Proliant DL380 G5

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RAM Problem HP Proliant DL380 G5

Hallo zusammen,

ich bräuchte mal euer Expertenwissen.
Ich bin im Besitz eines HP ProLinat DL380 G5.
Dieser hat von mir satte 64 GB Ram bekommen und lief ohne Probleme.
Jetzt meckert er plötzlich wenn ich mehr als 32 GB drin habe. Ich kann den Ram tauschen wie ich möchte. Fehler das Speicherfehler zwischen Bank B und D besteht.
Ich muss dazu sagen, das der Server auch nun länger (4 Wochen) nicht eingeschaltet war.


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Hello everybody,
I need your expert knowledge.
I have an HP ProLinat DL380 G5.
This got a whopping 64 GB of RAM from me and ran without problems.
Now he suddenly complains when I have more than 32 GB in it. I can change the ram as I want. Error that there is a memory error between banks B and D.
I have to say that the server has not been switched on for longer (4 weeks).



Re: RAM Problem HP Proliant DL380 G5

Are you sure it's a G5? These are nearly 10 years old... Could be a system board fault. You should be able to run a memory test from the BIOS

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Re: RAM Problem HP Proliant DL380 G5

Hi @janklabo 

Seems like you have 8Gb DIMM populated in all 8 slots,

Anyways, my suggestion is:

1. Makesure you have identical Dimm's in Bank : B(5b & 7b) & D(6d & 8d),

2.Reseat DIMM's in Bank B & D

3. Swap with A and B to isolate faulty DIMM if any.

4.Load default setting in RBSU /Disable Spare memory configuration/Memory mirroing in RBSU and check. 

Hope this helps.



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