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Re: RAM compatibility

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RAM compatibility

I have new Proliant DL360p Gen8 hardware that I wish to deploy as a VM 5.01 host.

We have just been thru a memory upgrade in our blade chassis and have 4 GB 2Rx4 PC3-1600R09-10-E1-P1 RAM spare from this project. The RAM supplied with the server is 4 GB 1Rx4 PC3L-1600R-09-11-C2-P2.

Q1. Is it possible to run this left over RAM in this server to boost available memory for the vital host duties this hardware will run?

Q2. Is it acceptable to mix the 2 different RAM modules or should I replace the current RAM with the earlier version if possible?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.


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Re: RAM compatibility

Ram is a bit of a sensitive creature. Since they are both PC3-1600 they should work together (as long as both are ECC). In the BIOS if you can set ram timings, you will need to set the timings listed on the slowest module. This means highest numbers. (higher means slower)


Only resort to manual timings if you are having issues with BSOD's or lock ups. The Motherboard and BIOS should auto detect the slowest module, but that's not always the case.


Hope the helps a bit.


Re: RAM compatibility

that spare memory it from a G8 blade? if it is G8 smart memory it should work together and just kick it up from the low voltage. If you know that p/n i can better help.

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