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RAM not used properly

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RAM not used properly

Server model is HP DL 380 G5, 2 x Quad Core Intel Xeon Processor,16GB RAM.
OS installed is Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition Service Pack 2.

Problem in Task Manager, 16 GB RAM is not being utilized. Instead, it shows 2.6GB RAM max.utilized.

In boot.ini, earlier, we have enabled \PAE. now we have disable that and are able to get 4 GB Physical RAM.

Kindly advise how to increase the physical memory and usage of 16 GB RAM installed.
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Re: RAM not used properly

What does it show in Control Panel, System on the General tab?

If you have /PAE enabled then it should show nearly 16GB and task manager should also show this as total physical memory.

To actually use that memory, you have to be running executables that have the flag set so that they can use memory over the 2GB limit.
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Re: RAM not used properly

Hi Folks,

Suresh Nair, may be you can check if the application you are running supports Windows Server x64. With Windows Server x64 memory limits are higher, but if the application can't use the extra RAM there is no much to gain.