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RBSU - ROM Based Setup Utility

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

RBSU - ROM Based Setup Utility

How can I enter the RBSU?
On some documents I read that it's F9, but on other documents it's F10...
Can someone that worked with DL760 post the right answers?

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: RBSU - ROM Based Setup Utility

The ProLiant 8000 and DL760 (and Servers supporting Redundant ROM configurations) provide the capability to revert to a backup image of the System ROM firmware in case of two events:

1. The primary image becomes corrupted.

2. The original image is needed after an upgrade with the System ROMPaq.

New firmware from the System ROMPaq could have missing or bad code but not necessarily be corrupt. For instance, the upgrade might be missing code to support a new feature of a product that without it would make that product unusable. In this case, a copy of the original image would be needed to restore the product's functionality.

This is accomplished by storing a redundant image that will be automatically loaded if the primary image is found to be corrupted. The redundant image is considered a "last known good" copy of the firmware. The redundant image can also be loaded instead of the primary image from a new option presented during boot time when the F10 option (System Partition) is displayed. The F9 option provides access to the Default Configuration Menu whose selections include an Advanced option for switching to the redundant image.