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RDP 6.0 and G6 410i RAID Controllers

Troy Mello
Occasional Visitor

RDP 6.0 and G6 410i RAID Controllers

I recently upgraded to RDP v6.0 in order to support the new G6 models of servers but I can't seem to capture or configure a RAID configuration.

I'm using the HPACUSCRIPTING.exe with an input file and the job successfully completes in RDP but the configration in the ini file doesn't get applied to the RAID controller.

The RDP job runs this:

REM Configure the RAID CTRL

set inputfile=bl460-G6.ini

f:\lib\software\hacucli\hpacuscripting.exe -i %inputfile% -internal -reset

And this is the ini file contents:

Action= Configure
Method= Custom

Controller= All
ReadCache= 50
WriteCache= 50
RebuildPriority= Medium
ExpandPriority= Medium
SurfaceScanDelay= 15

; Array Specifications
Array= A
; Array Drive Type is SAS
; 1I:1:1 (300 GB),1I:1:2 (300 GB)
Drive= 1I:1:1,1I:1:2
OnlineSpare= No

; Logical Drive Specifications
LogicalDrive= 1
Size= 39998
Sectors= 32
StripeSize= 128
ArrayAccelerator= Enabled

; Logical Drive Specifications
LogicalDrive= 2
Size= MAX
Sectors= 32
StripeSize= 128
ArrayAccelerator= Enabled

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Neal Bowman
Respected Contributor

Re: RDP 6.0 and G6 410i RAID Controllers

Hey Troy. I've run into similar issues configuring the array controllers of various models over the last year or so. I've begun changing the line that reads "Drive= 1I:1:1,1I:1:2" to "Drive=2".

This way, if the drives happen to be on controller port 2, the array build job will not fail to configure the array. I also change the first line from Configure to Reconfigure to if I need to reload a server that already has the array configured, it will clear the config and rewrite the config that I intend to use.