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RDP Question

Occasional Advisor

RDP Question

Hi I have been using RDP for 6 months now and i have a niggling question that hopefully can be answered.

I find RDP and PXE to be very eratic. When a server is straight out of the box everything works fine. It PXE boots first time because there is nothing on the HDD's, you see the machine show up in Altiris, assign a job to it and off you go, no problems.

i have issues with servers that have already been configured. for instance if i have a server which i assign a job to should i reboot it manually and get it to PXE boot and talk to the RDP/PXE server?
Or should it start running the job on the server in question without a reboot or PXE boot?
Also if a server has an OS on it, can you only get it to PXE boot, or talk to the RDP/PXE server with manual intervention at boot up?
When i say PXE boot is erratic, earlier i had a server which was already configured, i got it to PXE boot which went fine, and after running the boot image it was held in a wait state. later in the day i did the same thing and it always opened a TCp session, then closed the TCP Stack and ran through the PXE boot process again, does anyone know why it would do this?

I am trying to download RDP 3.1 at the moment but that proving to be a pain as well.