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RE: Memory error on startup

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Sameer Lalani
Occasional Visitor

RE: Memory error on startup


I am using the HP Proliant ML150 G2 as my DC at the office. Upon startup, I recieve an error message which states:

02FB : "The plugin memory configuration get reduced memory size"

I do not notice any problems resulting from this error, I just press F1 to continue and the PC boots as normal but I want to know the meaning behind the error. Originally, there was 512MB of RAM in the system, since another 512MB has been added. The added memory is from HP and there should be no compatibility problem. I am unsure whether the error existed prior to memory upgrade as I was not with the company at the time.

Any help would be most appreciated.

Thanks in advanvce

Rajashekar Chintakunta
Honored Contributor

Re: RE: Memory error on startup

Hi Sameer,

The error message indicates that there could be some issue with the memory.

1. Try to boot the server with one 512mb chip at a time. Check if the any chip is faulty.

2. If server boots individually with both the chips then put the chips in a different bank and check. If the entire 1gb is detected.

3. Still the complete memory is not detected could be compatibility issues, ensure that both the chips have the same spare part on them.

4. Upgrade the firmware to latest version and check.