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RH Linux ESv3 & Monitoring with BMC Patrol

Occasional Contributor

RH Linux ESv3 & Monitoring with BMC Patrol

Hi All,

I'm hoping someone from the PSP Engineering team will read this and be able to help.

Can anyone send me a list of critical error messages that should be monitored once the PSP is installed?

We use BMC patrol for monitoring servers and it is setup to scan log files looking for specific strings e.g., "server10: Special: Message log indicates a Command write error" which is then logged as a call for a UNIX adm to look into.

I'm still looking through all the components in the PSP and how to direct errors generated to /var/log/messages, but would be really grateful if I knew the syntax of the errors to look out for regarding hardware problems/failures.

We are using HP G3 BL20P blades so generating errors manually won't be easy.

Thanks in advance for any help!