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RHEL 4.0 ES and DL360 G4 boot problem

Fernando Nieto
Occasional Contributor

RHEL 4.0 ES and DL360 G4 boot problem


I have six new Proliant DL360 G4 servers with RHEL 4.0 ES. All of them have the same hardware and also de same OS and basic configuration, that is, they all are identical.

With two of the six machines I have the following problem, when rebooting the server, it does not always boot, the machine goes down but when is starting again, it gets hung, then, I need to power off the machine and, randomly, it can start or hung again and so on.

When the boot proccess stops, it always does in the same place, the following message that it should appears but it doesn't is the following kernel message (before the init section execution):

cciss0: No device changes detected.

Sometimes also gets hung while stopping, at the same point, just before showing the message "Restarting system", which is the one before the server starts the power cycle again.

There are no error messages at all anywhere, neither in console, nor /var/log/messages...

I have also installed PSP 7.30 for RHEL 4 but the problem persists.

I think it could be a hardware problem, maybe with the smart array or software with the cciss driver but I'm a bit lost, because of the randomness of the problem and because I haven't been able to reproduce it in the other 4 servers.

Do you have any idea? any suggestion?

thank u very much in advance
Stuart Browne
Honored Contributor

Re: RHEL 4.0 ES and DL360 G4 boot problem

I'd be checking the system BIOS and SmartArray Firmware.

If some are working and some are not, then this is the most likely reason.

While you are at it, I'd also check the BIOS settings, as there are some ACPI things which can cause these sorts of things too.
One long-haired git at your service...
Fernando Nieto
Occasional Contributor

Re: RHEL 4.0 ES and DL360 G4 boot problem

Thanks Stuart, I checked out all these things and many more. Finally I was "mistaken" or, at least, bad focused.

Besides HP DL360 and RHEL ES, I have a Cisco 3600 router working as a console server for these machines. I could see that I was receiving unexpected "noise" throught the console while starting the system. I'm sure the following message will be familiar:

Welcome to Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES
Press 'I' to enter interactive startup.

At this moment if the server receives an 'I' character, it will prompt for confirmation to start every service. From the outside, it seems the server hangs.

If anytime you have an environment like this one, do not forget to issue the following command for the line configuration in the router:
"no modem dtr-active", or, better said, do not set "modem drt-active".

Thank you and regards.
Fernando Nieto
Occasional Contributor

Re: RHEL 4.0 ES and DL360 G4 boot problem