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RHEL 4 on HP Proliant ML110 G3

Leo Angelo
Occasional Visitor

RHEL 4 on HP Proliant ML110 G3

We purchased a new HP Proliant ML110 G3 server.
During startup all drives (i.e. SATA Raid and IDE drives) were detected. During installation of RHEL 4 ES, setup prompts that there were no disk drives detected.

Can someone help me regarding this problem?
Prashant (I am Back)
Honored Contributor

Re: RHEL 4 on HP Proliant ML110 G3

Are you using correct drive

Try this one

--------------Installation -------------

To install Linux using this "HP Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 (AMD32/x86) Driver Diskette", boot your Linux machine with your Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 (AMD32/x86) CD1 in your CD-ROM Drive.

A menu will be displayed, prompting for your input. Type the following line of code to inform the operating system of the diskette:

# linux updates dd

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 (AMD32/x86) will prompt for the Updates Diskette and the HP Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 (AMD32/x86) Driver Diskette during the installation procedure.


There are two methods to create the Installation Diskette:


Save the "[package name]" file into a temporary directory.

Use the "rawrite" utility which is included on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 (AMD32/x86) CD.

Label a blank, formatted 3.5-inch diskette as "HP Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 (AMD32/x86) Driver Diskette". Next, insert the diskette in the diskette drive. Then, use the following commands (assuming your Disk Image is at the location c: and your CD-ROM is drive d:)

C:\> d:\dosutils\rawrite

Enter disk image source file name: adpahci.v1.19.V414A19.V041A7.rhel4.i686.img Enter target diskette drive: a:

Please insert a formatted diskette into drive A: and press --ENTER-- : Enter


Save the "adpahci.v1.19.V414A19.V041A7.rhel4.i686.img" file into a temporary directory.

To make a diskette under Linux (or any other Linux-like operating system), you must have permission to write to the device representing a 3.5-inch diskette drive (known as /dev/fd0 under Linux)

First, label a blank, formatted diskette appropriately (HP Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 (AMD32/x86) Driver Diskette). Insert the diskette into the floppy drive, but DO NOT issue the mount command:

# dd if=adpahci.v1.19.V414A19.V041A7.rhel4.i686.img of=/dev/fd0 bs=1440k

This command creates a diskette containing the image of the input file (adpahci.v1.19.V414A19.V041A7.rhel4.i686.img) to an output file (of=/dev/fd0) using the diskette size of 1440k (1.44MB). To make another diskette label that diskette, and run "dd" again, specifying the correct input file.

Prashant S.
Nothing is impossible
Leo Angelo
Occasional Visitor

Re: RHEL 4 on HP Proliant ML110 G3

Thanks for the reply.

The problem is, we are using a different SATA RAID controller(Promise FastTrak TX2200). Also, IDE drive is also undetected. Here's the complete prompt during installation:

No hard drives have been found. You probably need to manually choose device drivers for the installation to succeed. Would you like to select drivers now?

Another thing is, the server doesn't have any floppy drives, only two cdrom drives.