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RHEL 6.8 on DL380 Gen 9


RHEL 6.8 on DL380 Gen 9

Looking for some advice regarding setting up RHEL on DL Gen 9.  My first attempt was successful at install but failed to boot.  This lead me to many a google result related to UEFI/Legacy BIOS mode, /boot, drivers for the p440ar Smart Array controller and a number of other possible causes.

Red Hat Premium support isn't doing anything but searching their knowledgebase and sending me links to those articles ( I've already done all that ).

Hopefully someone on these boards has successfully gotten RHEL to run on the DL380 Gen 9 and can describe their setup.




Re: RHEL 6.8 on DL380 Gen 9

More info on my situation...

While operating in Legacy BIOS mode, I was able to build out a logical drive using the smart array controller ( p440ar ) like so...

o build an raid 1 array with 2 disks and 1 hot spare.

o build a primary ( normal non-LVM ) partition called /boot at 250MB on the logical drive

o use the remaining space to create an LVM PV

o create a VG over top of that PV

o build out the necessaray LVs for / /home /var /tmp and swap space.

o boot the machine from USB stick, load the installer and proceed to install RHEL 6.8 without issues

Upon boot, the system hangs on "Attempting boot from hard drive (C: )" at the top of the screen forever ( 24 hours ).

I'm interested to know the following from someone out there running RHEL 6 on DL380 Gen 9:

UEFI mode or Legacy Mode?  How did you configure /boot ( where )?  Any other changes to BIOS settings?  If in Legacy mode, how did you get the SATA mode to RAID ( on mine it is greyed out and stuck on AHCI )?  In general what is the trick to get the boot loader to see the array LUN at boot time?



Jimmy Vance

Re: RHEL 6.8 on DL380 Gen 9

Works fine in both UEFI and Legacy BIOS modes.  When in Legay mode you need to specify the boot drive/LUN in the array configuration utility.  Not required for UEFI

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