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RIB board/KVM communication issue

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RIB board/KVM communication issue

Various servers within our environment have been experiencing loss of communication with KVM switches the RIB boards are attached to. We have tried power cycling the RIB boards and KVM and the problem remains. The only known fix at this time is rebooting the server which seems to reset the RIB board. Im not very familiar with the RIB board but is this an indicator of a bad board? The KVM has been replaced. Thanks
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Re: RIB board/KVM communication issue

First thing I would do is make sure that you have the latest firmware for both the KVM and the RIB there have been issues with older firmware on both. If it still doesn't work, which RIB, the RILOE or RILOE II? Which KVM, Compaq/HP or 3rd party? Which servers different models or all the same?