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RILO Card vs embedded ilo

james capobianco_1
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RILO Card vs embedded ilo


Earlier this morning we had an outage involving a 385. Looking at the iLO logs, it seems that the box lost power sometime over the weekend, and was restored. Unfortunately "autmatically power on server" was set to No, so it sat for the weekend. Once we brought the box back up, the questions starting flying. Someone brought up a question of that on the older boxes (say, a 580g1 or similar) with a RILO card installed would power back up as soon as power was restored. We've looked through some of the older devices we have, and could not find a setting for this anywhere. Do the older RILO PCI cards automatically power up the server if power is restored after being removed or is that a server based option (bios setting, etc). Any info will be appreciated.
James ~ Happy Dude
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Re: RILO Card vs embedded ilo

Hello James,
I would think so, Older RILO PCI did not have an option to set automatic power on; Also, if I am recalling it correct, they also had ASR-2, where in case of a processor failure -- the server will reboot & continue working again.

Is there an option for "autmatically power on server" on DL580 G1 ??? I would be surprised !

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Re: RILO Card vs embedded ilo

Hey there :)
This is a really interesting question!

I am not good in G1 servers, but I can tell you for sure, that ilo is not quite much different than RILOE. The main difference is the PCI interface.

Unfortunately I am not sure about the RILOE settings, but I don't think there is such an option.
I can give you 2 recommendations:

1. Change the settings in RBSU
2. If you have a UPS, you can make such settings using rack and power management software.

If I don't forget, I will check later the RILO specifications and will give you exact answer.

I hope this is a little helpful for you.


David Claypool
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Re: RILO Card vs embedded ilo

This is not and never has been a feature of iLO or RILOE. It is a server feature and is controlled from RBSU in servers that have it. The Systems Management Homepage and iLO also feature a convenience page to allow this to be set, but it's a server feature.