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Joe Granto
Occasional Visitor


I use CPQLOCFG.EXE for configuring RILO, RILO-2, and iLO devices. I like this tool over the Lights-Out Online Configuration Utility for Windows 2000/Server 2003, which does not configure RILO cards.

In general, the sample XML scripts work well. There are often syntax differences between the 3 devices, so I often use the Get_* XML files to find the exact syntax for the device in question.

The problem I am having is finding the correct area to query on RILO and RILO-2 cards to get SNMP information. For iLO and iLO-2, the setting is GET_SNMP_IM_SETTINGS, and the script is Get_SNMP_IM.xml. This area (GET_SNMP_IM_SETTINGS) does not exist in RILO and RILO-2 cards (it returns and error when run against those cards). It must be called something else, but I cannot find out what.

The area I am interested in locating contains the settings:
User Name: Administrator
Login Name: Administrator
SNMP Trap IP Address:
Receive Host OS Generated SNMP Traps Yes No
Receive Compaq Remote Insight Board Alerts Yes No

The XML setting for the iLO and iLO-2 devices is . I need the RILO and RILO-2 equivalent.