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RILO card poor performance

Occasional Contributor

RILO card poor performance

Hi Folks

I have a DL360 G1 fitted with a Remote Insight Lights Out card (original version part No 158731-001). I van access the card via my LAN fine but when I access the Remote Consle the curser dissappears and then 15-20 later reappears in the remote console window. Moving the curser then caused the cursor to dissappear again and then reappear in a different position several seconds later.

The DL36 is running Win Server 2003 (32bit)- client is Vista 64x.

Have downloaded and installed Java 6 on both machines.

Also the browser window has a reference to but I cant see any way to do this.

Anybody got any ideas on this.
Jimmy Vance

Re: RILO card poor performance

Make sure you have the latest firmware installed on the server and the RILOE card. Do you hae the RILOE driver installed? You may need to drop back to an older version of Java

This link has the firmware and the drivers for your system

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