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RILOE2 on DL360 G4 servers

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RILOE2 on DL360 G4 servers

This is regarding remote management feature RILOE2 (Remote Insight Lights-Out Edition II)..We r planning to use on DL360 G4 servers with RILOE2...

we need the following information :

How much bandwidth is required between server and client (browser) in order to use RILOE2 in graphical mode
Tarek Kawach
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Re: RILOE2 on DL360 G4 servers

Hi Ranganadh:

Dedicated high-bandwidth (10/100-megabit) local area network (LAN) access through the integrated NIC.

also Question # 5

Best regards,

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Re: RILOE2 on DL360 G4 servers

Hi Tarek,

thanks for ur reply... FAQs are really helped me to understand the concept..

the following question cleared my doubt...

Q5. Can I access and use the native graphical remote console over a modem or low-bandwidth WAN connection?
A5. Yes. A standard 56K or greater connection provides reasonable screen refresh rates for the graphical remote console.