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ROM Redundancy detected....

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ROM Redundancy detected....

Hi all,

I have a Proliant ML370 G2 which on bootup displays the message 'ROM redundancy detected'.

What exactly does this mean?



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Marino Meloni_1
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Re: ROM Redundancy detected....

it means that that server have two rom for bios code,one is activbe and one is for backup
Gert Luyten
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Re: ROM Redundancy detected....

and that you can select in the RBSU from which ROM to boot from (for testing purposes). It also means that one physical ROM chip can get corrupt and you will still be able to boot the server from the backup ROM.
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Re: ROM Redundancy detected....

I have 1 PC and displays same message.
But it also reporting '1615 POWER SUPPLY FAN FAILURE'
than its shutdown in 5 seconds and restart with same error and so on...

How you fix ROM Redundancy and PSU FAN failure?

Its not allowing me to get into BIOS setting.

your answer will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: ROM Redundancy detected....


this is an hp storage forum, but all the same the first message is informational and the second probably means exactly what it says - so you'd need to replace the power supply fan (if separate) or the whole power supply if not !

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Re: ROM Redundancy detected....



I have the same server maxed out with memory and the smart array 5300  and my server does same thing rom redunduncy detected and the ocasional parity error  comes on  I use Ubuntu server and log into it with all my work stations all have the latest KDE suse linux 12.2 64 bit  my biggest question is how or is there a way I can make my server boot off of a dvd ram or rom.  it is recognized in smart start but doesn't load it  ML 370 gen 2 loaded