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ROM Update on Proliant DL580 G2 server.

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ROM Update on Proliant DL580 G2 server.

We recently updated the ROM on the G2 server above running RedHat Linux ES. After this, the Linux can not boot completely. The boots sets up the host OK then hangs.

Did we need to any preliminary configuration while the the server was powering up or the diskette ROM update does all the configuration?

Is it also possible to rollback the update by downloading the old ROM?
Honored Contributor

Re: ROM Update on Proliant DL580 G2 server.

Hi George,

You can roll back to an earlier ROM by downloading the earlier ROM version you need and then modifying the CONFIG.SYS file on the floppy to permit downgrades.

By default downgrades are not permitted.

Load the older ROM firmware update diskette from here.

See attached document for how to modify the CONFIG.SYS file.

I hope this helps.

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Re: ROM Update on Proliant DL580 G2 server.

Thanks Brian,

I had earlier on rebooted the machine from the renduntant ROM that has the older version BIOS using the F9 during power on. That did not work.

Looks like the problem could be my Linux kernel. A collegue of mine tried to activate a new NIC without a driver module loaded. The server spawned a lot of the following message when I I tried to shut it down:

kmod: failed to exec /sbin/modprobe -s -k binfmt-0000, error=8

Any idea how this could be resolved.