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RSTP Flapping when server is rebooted ?

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RSTP Flapping when server is rebooted ?

Forgive me but I am not a network adminsitrator however I am reaching out to anyone who can assist. Last week a server we use for backups( bridgehead ) was rebooted as we do on a regualr basis and at the time we experienced some RSTP flaps / re-convergence issues. This caused significant issues relating to performance on several of our  VLANS. OUr network admins are saying until they investigate futher that all server reboots halt. Has anyone every experienced this issue or have any thoughts on how I can rule out it being a server issue?


The server is a DL360 G7 which has  2 nics in use and are teamed using Network Fault Tolerance ( NFT ). Each NIC goes to a seperate core switch.


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