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Rack and Power v1.0 : Redunancy

Philip Sharp
Occasional Visitor

Rack and Power v1.0 : Redunancy

Has anyone setup a redundant Rack and POwer server configuration? We have successfully implemented Configuration E (Server with dual power supplies being feed from separate UPS's and acting on startup/ shutdwon control via an Ethernet Network) as outlined in the Rack and Power Manager User Guide. But with all this redundancy it is limited by the single point of failure of the Rack & Power server. If it is not running no startup or shutdown operations are possible. Hence I would be very interested if anybody is trying a simliar configuration.

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Steve Tran
Trusted Contributor

Re: Rack and Power v1.0 : Redunancy


Yes, the single point of failure issue and enhanced redundancy support are being addressed by HP. Unfortunately, I don't have information to when the new solution will be available.