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Raid 0+1 rebulding after enabling the write cache

dan thomas_1
Occasional Contributor

Raid 0+1 rebulding after enabling the write cache

I have a DL 380 G6 server it is comes with 256 mb cache module but there is no battery . so we purchased new battery and connected to cache . in the RBSU enabled the write cache. I create a raid 1+ 0 with 2 hdd. Everything is working fine.
My question while working time i removed one HDD and put in to a new dl 360 G6 Server for testing , while booting time it is giving error with " all logical drives are disabled, plse insert the cache battery module and reenable the logical drives "

If i remove a HDD from a server with cache memeory installed while trying to build a server with a pair HDD from cache battery installed serevrs will face any issue like this. beacuse we are going to add batetry for more that 4 servers . those are mission critical servers.