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Raid 1 (Mirror) Issue

R K Gaur

Raid 1 (Mirror) Issue

I have DL320 G4 Server, i want to install windows 2003 server with Raid 1 (Hardware).

For create raid 1, first I power on the server and press F9 and go to setup utility and enable the SATA raid controller, after the I re-boot the server and press F8 , go to Array configuration utility and select both hard drive and create raid 1 it took around 50 minute to create raid 1.

After that I insert windows 2003 server CD and boot the server from CD-ROM and press F6 for install SATA raid controller driver and install following driver :- Adpahci-1.2.5567.0.w2k3.x86. I was downloaded it from hp site. After install the SATA controller driver, windows server 2003 install going well, but when server take a re-boot after install of windows and go to windows log screen, it was taking re-boot at same stage again and again.

After that I clear the raid and install the operating system in a single hard drive (without raid 1) now server working fine.

So, please tell me can I create the raid 1 or not and if it’s possible so how?

And what is the reason of re-booting the server.

Raid Controller:- HP Embedded SATA Raid controller #0

Thanks & Regards
Rakesh Kumar
M- 09873499319
Rajashekar Chintakunta
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Re: Raid 1 (Mirror) Issue

Hi Rakesh,

Please check the following Advisory:

RAID used in DL320 G4, ML310 G3 and ML110 G3 ProLiant servers is a software RAID (HP Embedded SATA RAID Controller). By default hard drive write-cache mode is set to write through in these serves (Generally software RAID is slower then hardware RAID). System performance on these servers can be improved by changing Write-Cache Mode to write back by using HP Storage Manger.

Note. Customer might lose data if power outage occurs while using the write back setting. HP strongly recommends using UPS with the systems when enabling Software RAID AND setting Write-Cache Mode to write back.

1. Launch HP Storage Manager in Windows (Start > Programs > HP Storage Manager > HP Storage Manager > Select Localhost (Local System) > Enter password, Click on Connect)
2. Click on Controller1 RAID Controller SATAT Host RAID
3. Under "Physical devices" pane, highlight either one of the RAID1 or RAID 0 member hard drive
4. Right click on the member hard drive
5. Select "Change write-cache mode to write back" and enter a dialog box "Confirm?" appears
6. Select Yes

Note. Changing the write cache on one array member (step 2) hard drive will reflect to all members of the array.

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Re: Raid 1 (Mirror) Issue

I have very close problem with HP Proliant DL320 G4 server.
I configured RAID 1 array with 2 SATA drives in BIOS, installed Windows 2003 Server. Seems all work well. But how i can check (or reconfigure) my RAID array from Windows?! How can i see phisical harddrive health?! HP Array Configuration Utility don't see my RAID controller, HP Array Diagnostic Utility don't see RAID controller too...
On HP CD i found HP Storage Manager User Guide, but where i can download that HP Storage Manager?!!!
I didn't find it on HP CDs what had got with my HP Proliant DL320 G4 server.
Please, help me!!!