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Raid 1, problem in change HD. Proliant ML350 G5

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Raid 1, problem in change HD. Proliant ML350 G5

Hello Gentlemen, I have 2 servers Proliant ML350 G5, which has Raid 1with 2 Hds 250GB. One of the Raid Hds began to alarm and give failure. The format of this HD who also is what came with the server, is the HP GB0250C8045(​x?sp4ts.oid=3803735&swLangOid=8&swEnvOid=4024), But this HD is manufactured by Seagate, with the model the ST3250310NS, and his Firmware the HPG6. As we found in the HP this exact model, we bought the HD Seagate, exactly ST3250310NS model with the same capacity and previous settings.

We've even upgrade the Disk Controller Firmware Smart Array E200i, which was version 1.66, and is now with the 1.86 (​p4ts.oid=1123563&swItemId=MTX_04d35990774a4aa99e98​... Turn off the server, removed the hard drive that was alarming, and put the new one. When I entered the Array Configuration Utility, I was appearing as the HD Rebuild doing, but do not quit 0%, after a while has failed, and since then the new HD only appears with the Fault Status. Already I restarted and took and put the HD countless times, but he did not get more to do Rebuild.


NOTE: The hard drive firmware that was defective was the HPG6, and the new HD Firmware is the SN06.


NOTE 2: I've used the Smart Storage Administrator as well.


NOTE 3: I turned off the server, and out of curiosity I removed the 250GB hard drive that is good. Then I saw that he is not the only HD everyone who is not of Seagate..This in question is Western Digital, WD2502ABYS model, HPG3 firmware. Defective HD firmware was HPG6, and the model was Seagate ST3250310NS. So if the models are not equal and Firmware either, and always worked well. Only as reported previously, with HD SN06 firmware Seagate, RAID is not recognizing.



Attached sending the image of two drives side by side (From that came with the server) Then could it not be a problem in new HD? Or some configuration to do?


I would like to get help put the new HD running.