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Re: Raid 1 problem

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New Member

Raid 1 problem

I bought new server HP ProLiant DL 320 G5p.
I have made an Raid 1 with 2 disks, build them and after I wanted to install Debian Lenny on it it still sees 2 disks. What I am doing wrong? I am doing on it one day and still I have nothing :(.

Please help
Thanks, Jozef
Honored Contributor

Re: Raid 1 problem

Hi Buben,

As the right driver for the Embedded G5 SATA RAID Controller for Debian is not installed you would be seeing two harddrives eventhough Raid 1 is setup.

And in the HP website I donot see Debian as a supported OS for this Server.

Both the drives would have the same copy of data.

Unless you update the right driver you cannot resolve this issue.

New Member

Re: Raid 1 problem

I know it is not supported, but I have installed other server from DELL, and I have no problem with it. But this is really annoying... I do not know why it should be so hard to make one stupid RAID. I did not mension other stupid thing, that BIOS froze by itself because CD-ROM wasn't in right place (blue SATA), I am really disappointed with HP Servers...

Re: Raid 1 problem

Got the same problem. Have you found the solution?

New Member

Re: Raid 1 problem

Yes we had, obviously it was really poor controller so we are forced to either return the server or buy proper HW controller. Even when disabled we weren't able to boot mainstream UNIXes because of lack of boot device priority settings (confirmed by local HP tech-support team). To sum up, we weren't able to setup anything there with support because of poor BIOS and startup utilities.