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Raid 10 (1+0?) with a 5304 Controller

Occasional Contributor

Raid 10 (1+0?) with a 5304 Controller

2 Questions
Does anyone know how to setup Raid 10 on a ML570 G2 with 8 drives.

Also what is the best configuration performance wise if I have 4 disks on 1 channel and 4 on the other (Mirrors spanning across channels?). Server will be for database and storage
Grzegorz Karnas
Occasional Advisor

Re: Raid 10 (1+0?) with a 5304 Controller


You have to run ACU (from SmartStart or from Windows OS if you use it) and click on controller and create new Array from all HDD (8 drives). Click on free space and create Logical Disk -> in this place you can choose RAID level (RAID1 = RAID0+1 for more than 2 drives).

If you have 4drives on 1 channel and 4 on the other controller automaticaly will mirrot them accros channels (with RAID 1 or RAID 0+1) - so yes, it is the fastest secure configuration fo Database.

ernst limbrunner
Trusted Contributor

Re: Raid 10 (1+0?) with a 5304 Controller

hi bob

doing raid 1+0 will give you excellent read and pretty good write performance.
most people go for raid 5. this gives them more disk space, good read but not so good write performance.
best solution is:

raid 1 : 2 disks : operating system

raid 1: 2 disks : database log files (sequential access)

raid 1+0 : many disks : database (random io)
OR alternatively
raid 5 : many disks : database (random io)

for data raid 5 is MUCH cheaper - but if you can afford it, raid 1+0 is faster and more secure (when using same number of drives)

best regards

ps: someone else already told you how to setup 1+0 so i did not mention this here