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Raid 5 Degraded - Not sure if data is recoverable


Raid 5 Degraded - Not sure if data is recoverable

Hello Guys,


 I've got a Raid Degradation issue for my client's HP Ml 350g6 Server(Raid 5 WITH 5 disks 146GB 10K SAS, HP Model: EG0146FAWHU, HP P/N: 507119-003). since 2 of 5 disks are failed I couldn't rebuild array from storage controller to recover the data.


1. Raid 5.jpg


Not sure why 2 disk failed at same time. i've booted from USB pendrive with persistant windows and installed HP ACU tools & drivers. but still i'm getting the same message. Also, I've rebooted


20150603_004618.jpgI'm not sure if only RIS is lost(first few sectors corrupt ) or whole disk got failed. is there any way to check if the disk is consistent and data is recoverable? Please advice if you know of any troubleshooting steps to find if data is still there or not.


Thank you,

Dinesh Kadali

Jimmy Vance

Re: Raid 5 Degraded - Not sure if data is recoverable

If two drives failed, the array is proabably not recoverable. You might try running ADU

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Re: Raid 5 Degraded - Not sure if data is recoverable

yes jimmy, thinking the same. But still hoping there is no physical damage as it is recognizable on ACU(though in uninitialized state), drive looks burnt free. After lot of research, I came to know that there is no SAS-to-USB converter or either SAS-to-SATA--to USB converter doesn't work as it can't be mounted as individual drive due to difference at  protocol. ref:


so, I need SAS Host bus adapter mount to non-raid system and then connect each raid disk via SAS Host Bus adapter. But, so far I couldn't find right compatable HBA in adapter for disk model, have to contact LSI,adaptec, promise.


credits to reference article:



Can I use ADU to capture/convert physical disks to virtual disks at sector level as this is the first step in any data forensics lab does?. I hope I can recover if I could capture raw image formats of each disks to loop through a Raid recovery software. Last chance is to send it to diagnostic lab. Please let me know if you have any alternatives. 

Re: Raid 5 Degraded - Not sure if data is recoverable




The Array Diagnostics Utility does not enable to capture/convert physical disks to virtual disks at sector level. This provides an option to only create, modify and delete array, if Smart Array Advanced Pack licenses are installed on the controller, then provide its facilities, and generate diagnostics report. It does not provide the above stated functionality.





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