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Raid 5 not seen after system restore

Mike Shaw_6
Occasional Visitor

Raid 5 not seen after system restore

I have a DL380 with two 18GB drives mirrored with Win 2k SP4 installed and 4 36GB drives in a raid 5 config for the data.
Having had a problem with a corrupt file in the operating system and spend 5 hrs splitting the mirror and running the repair facility the machine is now working again on one drive. However, when i look in the control panel i can't see the data on the raid 5 disks. If i look in the disk admin it shows it as Dynamic, Uallocated but online...!

Ernest Ford
Trusted Contributor

Re: Raid 5 not seen after system restore

I'm assuming that you had two disk arrays configured on the same RAID controller - the first a RAID1 array with the 2x18GB drives & the second a RAID5 array with the 4x36GB drives. Is this correct? If so - how did you split the mirror?

On second thoughts, I don't know of a way to split a mirror pair when the mirroring is done by the hardware, so you may have been using an OS driven mirrored pair for the OS and a single RAID5 array for your data.

Either way, you need to give us more information about your configuration.

As long as you didn't do something drastic like erasing the array configuration or formatting the data array, you should be able to reconnect to it, even if you had done a complete OS reinstall. I've crashed the OS on my W2K box and reinstalled on more than one occasion, with no loss of data - that's the main reason I keep my OS on separate disks.