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Raid 5, one disk replaced and prompted to accept data loss?

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Raid 5, one disk replaced and prompted to accept data loss?




Do I have any chance to prevent data loss in the following scenario?


1. I've started our old server after it has been switched off for a long time only to discover that it won't start any more.

I get an error regarding "Array Accelerator Battery Charge Low" (see attached image1) and another error regarding failed disk drive in Box 1, Bay 3 (see attached image1).


2. At this point one HD has its green light (bay 2) on and the other HDs have their lights off (bay 1 and 3).

Trying to continue from here results in a disk error (see attached image2).


3. At this point the HD in bay 3 has its amber light on and the HD in bay1 has still its light off (see attached image4).


4. The logical drive is displayed as failed (see image3)


5. When I replace the HD in bay 3 with a new fresh one and restart the server, I'm prompted with the choice to accept data loss and re-enable logical drive(s) (see image4).


6. At this point all three HD's have their green lights on.


Why am I being asked to accept data loss (I have three HD's in Raid 5 with one having been replaced)? Does this mean that a second HD is also failing (probably the HD in bay which had its light off at point 3)? Why are all lights green then?


I'm grateful for any help.




Re: Raid 5, one disk replaced and prompted to accept data loss?



"Non System Disk or Disk Error", how sure are you that there is any data or OS exists on these hard drives?


Try the following:

Switch OFF the server and reseat all the hard drives into their own bays.

Reseat data cables inside the server.

Go into BIOS and make sure the C: is first boot order and Array controller is first controller for boot.

Boot from HP SmartStart CD and perform diagnostics to check if multiple drives are failed.



Thank You!
I am a HP employee
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