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Raid 5 problems on DL 180 G5, under windows server 2003

Roman Stirbu
Occasional Visitor

Raid 5 problems on DL 180 G5, under windows server 2003

We have 12 SATA HDD, every 750GB.

1 HDD use for windows 2003
11 HDD we use for raid5


1 week ago 2 hdd is down
- 1 hdd that we use for windows
- 1 hdd from raid5

After 1 week after HP diler delivery to us both HDD, we renew the failed hdd.

Raid check parity is ok. completed succeful.

windows show us correectly that from 6,8 TB, free is 3,6 TB, BUT WHEN WE ACCES FOLDER THE FILES AR NOT SHOWEN....

can somebody advice, what to do?



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Re: Raid 5 problems on DL 180 G5, under windows server 2003

send us an ADU report in order to check RAI, smart array card, firmware, errors.......


Just a question why you choose to allocate only one HDD for OS? it's logic & better to create a RAID 1+0 with 2 HDD for OS and you can create another RAID with the rest of HDD. 

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