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Raid 5 with E200 on ML350

Peter Spatz
Occasional Visitor

Raid 5 with E200 on ML350


i currently making installation on ML350 with 5 * 750 GB Disks with E200 Controller an create a RAID 5 array with all disks. I start raid configuratiom by booting form smartstart CD, but after create Array and 3 LDs threres only 2,7T wich should be 3T netto. Am i wrong with the calculation ?
Mauro Rusignuolo
Trusted Contributor

Re: Raid 5 with E200 on ML350

everything it's ok.
750 GB HDDs are not exactly of 750 GB of available. never.

a 500 GB used in a RAID 5 has around 466 GB of usable space.

Ive an array of 11 HDDs of 500 GB in RAID 5 and the usable space is 4,547 TB.



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Rob Leadbeater
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Re: Raid 5 with E200 on ML350


Don't confuse marketing GB with real GB...

GB in marketing terms = 1000 * 1000
GB in real terms = 1024 * 1024

Therefore your 750GB drives are actually only 715.3GB.

So with 5 disks in RAID-5 you should get 4 x 715.3 = 2861 GB.

Hope this helps,